Things to Consider When Selecting a Two Piece Formal Dress

Whether you are going for dinner, a welcome home party or even a prom party, two piece formal dress is a beautiful style that you must consider buying. Although the style is elegant and makes a woman look all glam, there are some critical factors that you need to put into consideration when selecting a two-piece dress if the event is formal.

The colors

The good thing about two-piece dresses is that it allows you to pair two colors on the same dress. Meaning you don’t necessarily have to wear the top that has the same color with the skirt. Therefore, in the case where you choose two different colors to ensure they blend well and match perfectly. You can ask for help from a designer on the best color combos to work with.


The fabric

There are so many fabrics that you can select for your two-piece dress. Whether you want sequins, floral, bowl gown or even lace, the dress style works well with these fabrics. Note that you can also match two materials as well meaning that you can choose the bottom to be satin and the top lace.

The length

The dress can be long, short or even reach the knee area. If it is a wedding party, the long body con skirt is an excellent choice for you, and if you are going for a dinner, a short or a knee-length skirt is outstanding. When choosing a long dress, make sure it does not restrict your movements. To attain this, you can select a dress that has a slit on the front part.

different shapes

Body shape

Choose a style that flatters your overall body. Remember the skirt part is supposed to define your waist and give you a sexy look. So make sure you select a dress that flatters your figure and modifies your curves. If you have an hourglass figure, a body con dress will work well for you. For those with pear figure, a skater bottom would be a better choice.