Different way to remove tattoos


Tattoos have been around for a lot of years, and they are more popularly now than they were back in the day. People look at tattoos as body art. There are many new techniques on getting a tattoo as well as fantastic designs that they can do today.

With all the people wanting to get tattoos, there is a large number of people that want their tattoos removed.

There is a lot of reasons why some people want to remove their existing tattoos. But this is not an easy task as getting a tattoo not to mention that there is pain involved. Laser removal of a tattoo is the trend today.

 Different types of tattoo removals

 Traditional tattoo removal

There are different types of tattoo removal options. They have surgical which works very well. They take the skin off where the tattoo was at by cutting the outer skin off. However, you can get an infection, and it can leave scarring. The recovery time takes a lot longer.


2This works by freezing your skin where the tattoo is laying; it will destroy your skin tissue right where the tattoo lies.

There are many different agents that they can use like liquid nitrogen which is the most common option when freezing your tattoo off. This treatment works well but will leave discoloring of skin and can scare you. There still is a risk for infection


This treatment is very painful. It works by applying salt and water to the tattoo and using a wooden block like tool wrapped with gauze and rubbing the tattoo till your skin turns red. They will put an antibiotic ointment on it, wrap it up, then wait three days and repeat the process till the tattoo is removed. They will give you something for the pain to try and make it as suitable as possible for you. This will leave scars as well.

 Laser tattoo removal

This is a new way of removing a tattoo; it has been around for about ten years now. This treatment works very well and has the best recovery with no scarring at all or discoloring of the skin, and almost painless.

 The way it works

3This works by high-intensity laser shots directly on the tattoo area by breaking down pigmentation of the tattoo into little pieces. The laser is programmed only to hit the tattoo area. You may have to do this process twice. There is no scarring with laser tattoo removal. For more info on this type of tattoo removal, check Facebook.com/viptattooremoval/.