Ideas For Keeping Long Nails For Nail Art

For a healthy person, to grow nails should not take more than twenty-one days as nails are simple to grow. But it is a big problem to maintain them from snagging, tearing or chipping once they are long. The following are ideas on how to keep long natural nails excellent for art canvass.

Take A Better Filejnnjgnh

Some nail care instruments do further harm than good like a wood cardboard nail files. Cardboard files are disposable and inexpensive but if you file your nails always, try utilizing a glass file alternatively. Glass files possess a rough surface that softens edges without harming the nail plate.

Take Healthy Meals

Eating healthy is the basis of fabulous looking hair and nails. It is sufficient to eat a well-balanced diet than to eat unhealthily and neutralize with supplements. Nails reflect our whole health, which is the reason a doctor looks at the color of your nails in a check up. Consume food plentiful in Omega-3 fatty acids like nuts and fish to increase keratin.


Nails break since they dry out. Always massage your hands with lotion or oils. There are products particular for moisturizing cuticles. It does not hold to be any unique product, just be certain you make moisturizing a portion of your daily routine.  Avoid acetone as a nail polish remover for those with brittle nails. Acetone is extremely volatile and dries very fast. Instead, utilize an acetone-free nail shine remover.

Never File Or Trim Wet Nails

File and trim your nails before dipping them in soapy water or cuticle remover. Never trim and file while hands are wet. Damp or humid keratin crack and tear into the nail bed. They do not cut off neat like they should if they are dry.

Layer With Nail Products

Ridge fillers, top coat polish and base polish, assists protect nails and strengthen nails from moisture. There are more nail strengtheners sold particularly to keep nails strong as you grow them long.

Wear Gloves

Wearing work gloves will protect your hands from harm. So be certain to hold gloves for all your hand-operated labors – including laundry chores, dish-washing, mechanical repairs and gardening.

Do Not Over Buff

jnjhnjnBuffing is an excellent solution for ridged surfaces, and they take off the uppermost layer of the nail to make the nail shine and to even out the nail surface. But do not extra buff or your surface will grow thin and weaken. Buff only when required, once a seven days or less.